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Meet Our Team in Arizona

Laura Stewart


Dr. Stewart currently serves as Executive Program Advisor, Brand Ambassador of Recovia, a functional chronic pain and opioid detox program in Arizona focusing on an integrated approach to addiction management including behavioral health, medical management, physical therapy, functional medicine and occupational/life skills assistance. She has been a keynote speaker at numerous local insurance and medical organizations presenting on the complexity of addiction and the neuroscience of pain - specific to opioid misuse and abuse - as well as the effective implementation of opioid detox combined with a neurobiological approach to pain management.

Recovia's outcomes far exceed traditional treatment facilities and it is Dr. Stewart's passion and mission to broaden this comprehensive approach and stop the spread of this deadly national epidemic.

Dr. Stewart has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Arizona State University, a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her clinical training was focused on the neurobiology of PTSD and Addiction at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ.


Meet the rest of Recovia’s Clinical Team:

Medical Team

Scott Havens, MD

Christine Mulford, NP

Rose Mintz, PA

Piroshka Simpson, FNP

Clayton Hall, FNP-BC

Aileen Macaraeg, DNP

Behavioral Team

Devin Lincenberg, Psy. D

Evan Espinosa, Psy. D

Beth Freese, LAC

Susan Anson, LPC

Greg Iiames, LAC

Ashley Edwards, LCSW

Dana Fischpan, LCSW

Shelley Fassett, LCSW

Lisa Hopkins, LPC

Glenda Velez, Psy. D

Functional Team

Jason La Rosa, PT

Leslie Bowers, PT

Lyndzie Jackson, PT

Lina Ibarra-Figueroa, PT

Steven Richards, PT

Diana Wuller, PTA

Sal Tena, PTA (functional, PT Assistant)

Kaycee Jones, PTA (functional, PT Assistant)

Tahlea Capps, PTA (functional, PT Assistant)


As the Director of Patient Relations at Recovia, Erica Carreon serves as the primary point of contact for patients and their families participating in the Recovia program. Erica has worked within the medical field for the past seven years. She has a background in Orthopedic Medicine as well as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She has a passion for patient care and believes there is something profoundly wonderful about helping people find a path to better health.

Erica has a Bachelor of Science in Physiology with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Arizona. Since graduation, Erica has been cross-trained to perform both administrative and clinical duties. She is experienced in tracking patients’ vitals, administering medications and injections, and preparing and handling medical instruments.

Erica Carreon

Patient Relations Team

Jorge Bahena - Tempe

Angelica Luiz - Scottsdale

Vanessa Sweeting - Deer Valley

Sephora Perez - N. Scottsdale Clinic

Ashlee Lopez - HUB Referral Coordinator

Contact our Patient Relations team with any referral, program, or patient questions at 480-712-4600 or fax 602-428-7045

How We Can Help...

Call today for a brief phone screening or schedule a tour to meet members of our team. ADHS, 2017 reports 4/10 Arizona adults know someone addicted to prescription painkillers. ADHS, 2017 reports 1,497 drug overdose deaths total in the state of Arizona in 2016. "Most opioid users never intend on getting hooked when they start taking the powerful medication. We must come together as a community to help turn the tide on opioid misuse." ADHS, 2017


Do you sometimes think,

Left QuoteI live in real fear
that I'll relapse...Right Quote

We offer patients a uniquely supportive care component to their program that allows the patient to check in monthly for up to a year from their program start date.


Program Application




RECOVIA is a multidisciplinary, outcome driven, functional program. Programs are customized to each patient's needs and include behavioral health, physical therapy and medical management if needed.



Behavioral Medicine

Medication Management


Physical Therapy

Functional Medicine



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