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If chronic pain and substance abuse has sabotaged your life, there is help. At Recovia, we recognize that pain and addiction are more than one dimensional issues - they involve the whole person on a biological, psychological and social level. Addressing all of these parts are necessary to get your life back on track and functional again.

At Recovia, we treat chronic pain and addiction from a biopsychosocial health care model. One thing didn't result in decreased function; it was most likely multiple issues. In response, the brain creates coping patterns, some are positive but some are not. If left unchecked, unhealthy coping mechanisms can physically change your brain. This makes it difficult to turn things around. You may have experienced this through failed attempts to taper or manage your medication or substance use. It can be a highly frustrating process. Once those patterns have been put in place, it is best to treat them comprehensively, from a biopsychosocial model to not only challenge and change patterns, but to establish new, healthy patterns that fit in your life, have their own new reward system and perpetuate long term success and function.

The Recovia team would like to help you get your control back, improve your function and feel like yourself again. Please call us at 480-712-4600 today for more information on this unique, judgement free and individualized functional program.


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RECOVIA is a multidisciplinary, outcome driven, functional program. Programs are customized to each patient's needs and include behavioral health, physical therapy and medical management if needed.



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