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Established in the Spring of 2015, Recovia is based on a biopsychosocial approach to treatment, commonly known as a Functional Restoration Program (FRP). Recovia is an enhanced version of standard FRP with a strong focus on the neurobiology of pain, mental health, and/or substance use.

Behavioral health is integral in every aspect of our functional program. Education, tools, and behavioral strategies result in a deeper understanding of pain and the brain and the development of more natural and effective coping tools to manage pain, mental health, and/or substance use. Clients have access to biological (medical support), psychological (individual and group behavioral health, CBT, EMDR), and social/functional treatment modalities (life skills integration, social support integration, physical therapy, yoga, tai chi) all under one roof. Our providers' coordination of care promotes the most comprehensive and effective treatment environment for clients. The ongoing success of our clients validates our biopsychosocial model as being the "Gold Standard" of healthcare.


To foster the "Recovia Way" so every individual is met with respect, compassion, and appreciation on their journey towards change. Provide lasting recovery from both physical and emotional pain by building a truly multi-disciplinary, fully integrated, outpatient treatment program utilizing an evidence-based curriculum for general mental health, substance use, and chronic pain.


Recovia will create a fulfilling team environment for our employees. Through "The Recovia Way" we will provide a truly integrated team environment that is positive, inclusive, and compassionate for all individuals. Treatment will be collaborative, unique, holistic, and individualized fostering transformation of mind and body. We believe our unique approach will offer the best chance at lasting recovery for those cycling through emotional and/or physical pain. With our teamwork, curriculum, and culture we will disrupt the healthcare landscape by reducing healthcare utilization and providing gold-standard care.

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