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Change your life, not your day. Recovia's unique outpatient approach allows the flexibility to receive care discreetly and privately while maintaining your daily family and work commitments. Recovia is an Evidence-Based Multi-Disciplinary Integrated Outpatient Care Model developed to treat opioid dependency primarily related to chronic pain due to circumstances such as; injury, surgery, etc... However, it also helps with general substance abuse as well as long term non-opioid chronic pain. Recovia has the only Behavioral, Medication Management/Detox, and Functional Medicine Program for opioid recovery under one roof in Arizona. Recovia's multi-disciplinary outpatient treatment experience focuses on efficient, lasting recovery.

Recovia Therapy and Treatment

By having all these services under one roof, the coordination of care improves provider communication enabling more effective program adjustments, so no opportunities are missed. Our provider integration also saves time by reducing travel to multiple locations for each specialty. The ongoing success of our patients validates our biopsychosocial model as being the "Gold Standard" of healthcare.

Post-Program Supportive care is an important factor to maintain success. At Recovia, all patients are respected, and a valued member of the Recovia family so, we continue supporting the patient after the program to maintain and continue long-term success.

Get started now! Apply online, call us at 480-712-4600 today, or consult your physician to schedule a free tour and consultation. We accept major private insurance plans as well as AHCCCS and Medicare. Recovia also has a cash pay option with payment plans available. Change your life, not your day!



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RECOVIA is a multidisciplinary, outcome driven, functional program for chronic pain and opiod dependence. Patients enter a FLEXIBLE 4-6 week intensive outpatient program along with an up to 48 week supportive care program that includes medical management, behavioral health and physical therapy all under one roof.



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