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Michael Apodaca

"When I came to Recovia I couldn't even speak, I was so full of anxiety. I had slipped into a pretty dark depression. After a visit with my PCP, she referred me to Recovia and within a matter of a couple days I received my first phone call from the most caring intake specialist, Cathy.
I was not sure what to expect, I have battled multiple addictions through my life due to deep personal issues, and I wasn't sure how I was going to be treated, how I was going to be looked at. I felt like I was just going to be told by someone how to live a perfect life and keep me hostage to a program that would only make me feel even more anxious and judged. It turned out to be the complete opposite. Nothing I expected at all. I was greeted by such a friendly and understanding voice on the other end of the call, it was most reassuring. Unable to make my first intake appointment because of an anxiety attack, Cathy helped keep me calm over the phone and let me know that it was okay for me to take my time; it was up to me when I was ready. I took a deep breath and rescheduled.
My cup was so full, every time I attempted to speak to anyone I would cry. I am a business professional and have been in my current role for 9 1/2 years. Life hit me hard! Being in management and leadership I forgot to take care of myself and before I knew it, I wasn't myself anymore. I had anxiety attacks, I would drink to get wasted, not just socialize. I stopped being happy. I cried and cried for no reason. I kept trying to make everyone else happy and constantly put myself down for not being perfect.
Recovia provided a Safe Place for me to be able to decompress and know that I would be able to heal on my own terms. I was given the tools needed to help me understand what exactly I was experiencing and how to go the opposite direction to find myself again. It is unbelievable how these spaces are imperative for our mental health - this program is very well executed and when I decided this was it, I used every little aspect of what I was being shown.
Day by day, I noticed how I was able to make the changes necessary to be able to breathe again. My one-on-one time with my amazing therapist, Susan, helped me really dig deep and know where certain "adult behaviors" come from. I was able to heal those times in my life that I simply lived through. I had no idea I was this strong. I found my coherence.
Know that when you walk in the door and see Cody's smiling face and welcoming demeanor, that you are in one of the best recovery places you can be in. Trust in yourself first, and be ready to put in the work - and with the help of this amazing staff, you will find your light again. I promise.
I cannot thank this Center enough. Each person, every conversation, every discussion has been Godsend for me. Thank you."

Tammy Hall

"Ricovia is a very wonderful place. They help me through my grief with the death of my son and also with my addiction. They listen to you and they don't judge you. So if you have any problems in your life today you can call them and make an appointment and I guarantee you if you use the tools they give you your life will be so much better it's a wonderful place please don't miss out on opportunity to get your life on track God bless you all."

Alicia M

"To those at Recovia, please know, I am endlessly grateful for those who touched my life. The experience I had there, among strangers, who were feeling as I have for so many difficult years... I cannot fully encompass it. You all make it possible, safe, welcoming all. As a patient, I am proud to have had you as providers. As a person, I am blessed to have known such wonderful, gentle, kind hearted souls. Blessed beyond measure that you are all patient, understanding, & willing to take on the challenging task of guiding people through difficult times of transition. You are all honest, direct, sensitive, and most importantly, sincere with everyone who walks through your doors.
This team is amazing. Thank you.
From the bottom of my heart & with all the passion of a soul brought back from a place of pain & darkness."

Gina Mackley

"I was SO happy to find Levi Porter again! He used to work at another drs office i went to and Levi took care of me there. He is my favorite fr ever! Smart... Kind... Caring and funny!
I just adore him! Everyone there is very nice but finding levi made me very happy."

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