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Christine Pryce

"I am totally amazed by this place and their staff they are very inspirational and all about helping you to be a better version of yourself. I was very nervous at first to give Recovia a try but I am definitely glad I did. Within days there I felt at home and no longer alone in my pain and depression. I love that they treat body , mind and spirit all at the same place! I highly recommend this place to anyone, you will come out of there more educated on your mental health and how to deal with it in a safe and efficient way."

Michele Matter

"I can't say enough good things about this place. In the few weeks I've been here it has helped me immensely. They give you the necessary tools to overcome your situation."

Steven Johnson

"This place is great. I looked at outpatient rehabs for alcohol addiction after detox. I wasn't sure when I first interviewed with them, but I'm sure glad I chose them. They treat the total problem integrating 4 therapies - one on one counseling, group counseling, medical & physical therapy. They use CBT to change your thought processes along with physical therapy techniques to calm the nervous system. They monitor your progress and truly care about your recovery, be it addiction, pain or depression & anxiety. They utilize up-to-date therapies that are proven to work. All the staff members & therapists are professional, caring, knowledgeable and truly a pleasure to work with. One of the real benefits is that you meet other people in similar situations to yours. If you are looking for real, long-lasting help, I strongly suggest that you check them out."

Lacey Borgman

"I feel so blessed that I found this place. I had been to many different programs and therapist's for my extreme panic/anxiety disorder, but nothing compared to the help I received from, Recovia. They not only teach you great mental coping skills, they also teach you how to incorporate breathing and movement into your daily life to help calm your nervous system and the pain in your body. The staff at the Deer Valley Recovia go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and cared about and they never make you feel judged. I just loved this place so much and I'm grateful for the friends I made along the way. I'm sad I couldn't stay longer. I highly recommend Recovia to anyone who's ready to start feeling better mentally and physically. Thank you Deer Valley Recovia."

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