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5 Tips on Starting your Day with the Hopes of Avoiding Pain

October 6th, 2015 9:34am

5 Tips on Starting your Day with the Hopes of Avoiding Pain

When living in pain sometimes the first thought in the morning is how much pain the day holds.  Will your body be miserable all day or is there the possibility that you may find some relief?  Your mornings are very important and if started properly, may allow you to have less pain throughout the day.  Here are 5 tips to help improve how you are feeling and help eliminate some of that pain.  

Tip #1-Stretching

It can be very beneficial to start the day off with stretching.  This does not have to be anything rigorous or time-consuming, just enough to get you up and going.  Stretching is great because it improves circulation in the muscles and joints.  It also increases your range of motion so moving around is easier and less strenuous.  However, stretching must be done properly or it can cause more tension and pain in the body.  Speak with a trained professional about proper stretching techniques before attempting any on your own.

Tip #2- Breathing

Having a calm and relaxed body can positively impact your chronic pain. Breathing exercises can lessen anxiety and emotional tension, helping your chronic pain start to dissipate.  Begin your day with breathing techniques that will welcome tranquility and peace.  Start with something simple, sit in a quiet space and just focus on deep breaths.  Slowly breathe in and breathe out, focusing on calmness and peace of mind. This will set you on a path to peace of mind for the day.

Tip #3-Breakfast

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are two reasons for why this statement is true when you are hoping for a pain free day.  First, breakfast can give you the necessary energy and nutrients your body needs.  Second, when choosing what to eat, ensure that it is anti-inflammatory and healthy.  You can stick with an egg breakfast if you prefer, but purchase eggs that have Omega 3s in them.  You can also make breakfasts that incorporate berries, ginger, and even oats (steel cut).  These foods can keep inflammation down and give you energy for the day.  Look up some recipes that sound delicious and can also help regulate the inflammation and pain in your body, it may help more than you realize.  

Tip #4- Pain Relief Tea

Having your daily morning coffee with breakfast is perfectly acceptable but save room for some pain relief tea!  There are various tea recipes to suit your pain and tastes.  Some of them include turmeric, ginger, jasmine, and more.  Drinking a pain relief tea typically has a calming effect as well as ingredients that can lessen inflammation and aches.  

Tip #5-Muscle Relaxing Oil/Lotion

Before you move on with your day, the last step can be applying muscle relaxing oil/lotion to your painful areas.  Rub this where you typically have pain and work it into your skin, massaging the area.  You have the freedom to choose from a number of scents and various oils and lotions, but be sure that they are aimed at relaxing the muscle. These focus on anti-inflammation, stimulating the areas that hurt, and releasing tension.  You may feel some tingling at first, but overall should feel less tension and aches in the areas that it is applied.  

These are just a few steps that you can take to help regulate your pain. Keep in mind these tips are flexible and can be altered to your likes and dislikes. Hopefully in the end you feel less pain and your days are better.  Try some and see what works for you!

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