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The Connection Between Water and Your Health

August 31st, 2015 4:57pm

The Connection Between Water and Your Health

Water, water, water, seems to be all we have ever heard about since we were young, but what is it about this liquid that actually helps our bodies?  Well, there is actually a lot!  Here are some reasons for why we should drink as much water as possible and how it connects to our overall health.

Water Aids in Digestion:  Digestion relies heavily on enzymes that are found in saliva, which actually originates from water.  Water intake supplies you with enough saliva to break down the food and digest it, and is also necessary to digest soluble fiber that our bodies need.  

Water Prevents You From Dehydration: When we exercise and sweat, or come down with an illness that causes us to lose fluids, we need to drink plenty of water.  Ensuring that our bodies always have lots of water can keep us from dehydration and illness.  If our bodies become dehydrated we may feel faint and in extreme cases can actually go into shock which can be life-threatening.

Water flushes Out Harmful Toxins: Water cleanses our bodies by removing toxins through urination and waste.  The more water that we intake the more that cleansing can occur.  Even our kidneys and liver can be relieved by having a flushed system.

Water Regulates Your Body’s Temperature:  As humans, exercise is very important in keeping us active and healthy.  When we sweat profusely in hot temperatures or during movement, our body is trying to cool itself down. Our bodies are trying to stay at a natural temperature and maintain homeostasis.  However, we must be drinking enough water in order to create enough sweat to cool down our bodies.  If we do not have enough water in our system to produce sweat, we can overheat.

Water Can help the Body Lose Weight and Keep it Off: Water is a natural appetite suppressant and can keep the body’s metabolism moving.  The liver needs enough water to metabolize fat and increase weight loss.  Putting a bit of fruit in a glass of water and drinking it can also trick your mind into thinking that your stomach is full.

Tips About Drinking Enough Water:  Now that you know how beneficial water can be, how much should you drink it and what options are available?  

On average, each person should try to drink somewhere between half an ounce to one ounce of water for each pound that they weigh.  Another way to measure water intake is the 8 by 8 rule: drink eight 8 oz glasses of water each day.  If you are someone who struggles with large amounts of water intake, you can try the low calorie and low sugar water flavors.  You can also cut up fresh fruit and add it to a glass of water.  If you’re not sure whether you are drinking enough water, download a water tracking app to help you pay closer attention to your intake.

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