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How to Be a Healthy Grocery Shopper

October 19th, 2015 10:42am

How to Be a Healthy Grocery Shopper

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task. Whether your schedule is too busy to fit it in, you are on a tight budget, or you simply just don’t know what to buy and how to cook it, you may feel overwhelmed by the shopping challenge. To add more pressure, maybe you are on a diet or you want to eat healthier and are not sure what steps you should take. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’t’s to become a healthy grocery shopper. Follow these tips and you may actually learn to love it!

Do’s of Healthy Grocery Shopping:

  • DO create a shopping list- If you wander into a store without a list you are likely to wander out of it with lots of food that might not be the healthiest choices. Making a list will speed up the shopping process and make the task less daunting.
  • DO look for a short ingredient list- Food items on the shelf that have too many ingredients, especially ones that are hard to pronounce, should be avoided. Food in its purest form is always best. Look for items with five ingredients or less if possible.
  • DO buy organic whenever possible- Purchasing organic food is highly recommended, but it can be expensive. If eating all organic does not fit into your budget then do your best to purchase organic produce, such as fruits and vegetables. These items are at risk of being exposed to pesticides, and by choosing organic produce you are minimizing the risk of intaking these toxins.

Don’ts of Healthy Grocery Shopping:

  • DON’T shop hungry- You have probably heard this tip before, but it's true! Shopping hungry increases your chances of buying unnecessary items. You also may be craving some unhealthy snacks and that should be avoided at all costs.
  • DON’T buy something just because it is on sale- This can be extremely tempting when your favorite chips are buy one, get one free. But stop and think about it; do you need two bags? You will eat whatever you have in your house so avoid extra food that is not good for you.
  • DON’T shop in the middle aisles-At some grocery stores the middle aisles may contain dry beans or whole grain starches. However, they mostly just contain unhealthy packaged foods with added preservatives and little nutrition. To play it safe, stay towards the outer aisles where you will commonly find produce, fresh meats, and even healthy frozen options.

Hopefully these tips can help you become a more confident and knowledgeable shopper. With just a handful of guidelines to follow, you can turn your shopping experiences into pleasant outings and return home with healthier foods for you and your family.

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