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How to Deal with Physical Pain During the Holidays

October 22nd, 2015 8:17am

How to Deal with Physical Pain During the Holidays

Everyone knows that the holidays are on their way and that they are the busiest time of year!  Once October hits there is a Holiday every month until March.  With weeks and weeks of craziness it's no surprise this is also the season that people get sick and physical pain flares up.

If you love the holidays and want to fully embrace them but find yourself drained and in pain throughout the busy months, try to approach them differently.  Here are a few tips that can help you deal with, and even avoid, physical pain during the busy season.  

Plan Ahead: Sometimes the holidays are so busy because it feels like they come out of nowhere.  Try your best to avoid this shocking surprise through early preparation.  Plan ahead by creating a schedule with deadlines you would like to meet. Tell yourself you will buy X amount of gifts every month leading up to Christmas or that you will have all of your recipes planned for the celebrations beforehand.  Having a plan and sticking to it can help you slow down and enjoy the holidays, easing stress levels and reducing tension.

Take Time to Rest:  For those who find themselves exhausted a lot of the time or who live in pain, this is an important step. This may also require planning ahead by scheduling time to rest or relax. Plan breaks in your day that are just for you. Getting enough sleep and allowing yourself whole days to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everything can be beneficial.  

Eat Well: Of course on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday celebrations, sweets and feasts are expected.  Do not skip on them, just be conscious about what you are eating between the holidays. Make healthy eating choices during this time to give your body the nutrients that it needs.  Your body will be thanking you and you may notice a difference in how you are feeling day to day.

Change Your Cooking Methods: If you are the person who offers to cook or bake for every celebration or you find yourself in the kitchen for hours on end, make it as comfortable as possible.  Instead of standing at your counter and decorating cookies or chopping up vegetables, sit at your table. Try to keep yourself from staying in the same position all day as that can result in pain flare ups.  Schedule breaks to lay down, or do an activity that does not require your body to stay in the same position.  Try inviting one of your friends over to split the work up. This may make the day a bit more fun!

Decorate Smart: Aside from standing in the kitchen for hours, be careful when decorating.  Try not to stretch and bend in unfamiliar ways in order to get the decorations to just right.  Do what you can and consider hiring your neighbor kid to do the rest!  

Handle Gifts With Caution: Last but certainly not least, is gift wrapping.  This can be the main culprit when it comes to body aches and pains during the holidays.  You can spend hours sitting on the ground leaning over gifts trying to wrap them properly, lifting and carrying them, and then maneuvering them once there.  Spread the wrapping out over the course of the season and you will save yourself a lot of pain.  If a store offers gift wrapping, take them up on it! Wrap a gift a day or purchase wrapped boxes to easily put the presents in.  Once wrapped be sure to carefully lift any heavy gifts, bend your knees and squat to lift it.  If a gift is way too heavy, wait until someone can help you.  Making these small changes can save you lots of pain and strain.  

If you do your best to plan ahead, rest, eat well, and pace yourself with the details, you will find yourself loving this holiday season.  It is a time to take in the beautiful weather changes, spend time with loved ones, and celebrate what we value and deem as special.  When you live with pain, the season of celebration can often be burdensome and drawn out.  Try these tips and see if you feel a positive difference.  Enjoy this holiday season and take in every moment!

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